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Rosin modified phenolic resin

  • Phenolic Resin 2402
  • Phenolic Resin 2402
Phenolic Resin 2402Phenolic Resin 2402

Phenolic Resin 2402

  • Product description: Phenolic Resin 2402


A. Increase the initial viscosity;

B. Improve the thermal stability;

C. Improve the adhesion of chloreprene rubber;

D. Good compatible with chloreprene rubber;

E. Prolong the holding time of initial viscosity;

F. Excellent reaction of MgO.

Suggested Applications

It is a curing agent for rubber such as butyl rubber, chloreprene rubber, natural rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber (SBR), CR, BR, silico-butadiene rubber, especially applicable to sulfurizing butyl rubber. It can improve heat resistance, with characteristics of small deformation, good heat resistance, large extension strength, small tensile stretch, etc.


Woven bag lined with plastic or compound paper bag, 25kg/bag.

Light yellow solid
Softening Point (R&B) ℃
Free Phenol
Methylol Content
Lipid Solubility (1:3 tung oil, 240℃)1:3 tung oil, 240
Totally soluble
Free Formaldehyde 〈0.5%
Color, (Fe-Co) 〈3-7
Water Content 〈1.5%
Ash Content 〈0.2%
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