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Xiamen Higee Chemical Co. Ltd. was established in 2010. Relying on private pinewood base and the rich local resource of Chinese red pine rosin, we have introduced advanced technology and equipment for production. We produce rosin and rosin modified resin with high quality and stable performance.

We supply large quantities of consistent high quality products designed to meet the varied needs of our clientele, combined with technical services for these applications. Our business covers ink, adhesives, synthetic rubber, plastics, paint and coatings, and paper making industries. As well as serving the Chinese market, our products are also exported to many countries. We guarantee stable supply, satisfactory quality, and professional services.

Our key Products include, Gum Rosin, Turpentine, Road marking Resin, Rosin Ester, Maleic Modified Rosin Resin, Rosin Modified Phenolic Resin, etc. These products are very popular by many clients from the field such as: ink, adhesives, synthetic rubber, plastics, paint and coatings, and paper making.

Our promises: good faith first, customers’ supreme, satisfactory quality, mutual benefit. Higee is dedicated to maintaining its reputation for rosin, resins and services and looking forward to cooperating with more friends from home and abroad to develop business together.


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