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What is Malay rosin?

Name: Malay rosin
English Name: Maleated rosin
Category: rosin and its derivatives
Preparation: after the addition of rosin and butene two anhydride, it is packaged in vacuum.
Application: it can be used as a strong sizing agent in paper industry. The emulsion has good stability and little influence on temperature. It can solve the difficulty of sizing in summer. When making paper, the application of settling agent can be reduced correspondingly, and the cost of paper can be reduced. At the same time, it can also be produced with polyols, such as Malay rosin glycerin and maleic pentaerythritol fat, which are important raw materials for the production of paint, ink and adhesives.
Packaging: packed in paper plastic compound bags, net weight 25kg per pack.
Storage and transportation: store in a cool place, avoid high temperature, not near fire, and do not store and transport with oxidant.



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