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What is rosin?

The rosin is a transparent solid of yellowish to yellow red, the softening point is 70~90 C, the proportion is 1.070 to 1.085, the heat of dissolving is: 15.8kcal/kg, heat capacity: 0.54kcal/kg. C, thermal conductivity: 0.11kcal/m. H. C, volume resistivity: 5 x 1016 Omega cm, flash point: 216 C. The rosin also has crystallization characteristics, it is easy to produce crystallization, in acetone and other organic solvents, there will be crystallization trend, the critical temperature of crystallization is about 100 degrees C, the melting point of crystalline rosin is 110~135, and it is difficult to saponification. In addition, rosin also has optical rotation, rosin specific rotation between 0 to 15 degrees (optimum point + 7 degrees) is the crystalline phenomenon and the crystalline trend of the lowest rosin.



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